Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I still cannot get my vacation out of my head. Mexico was awesome. Everyone should go there and have $1 Margaritas. It is definitely the best way to break up the marathon training cycle. Really, having those cocktails with my husband while watching the sun set made me very happy.

The return to reality was rough last week. I ran here and there, and somehow, I managed to really hurt my back. Major ouch! I still cannot figure out for the love of the heavenly father what I managed to do. I have never had a back issue in my life.

Being the really smart person that I am, I decided to secretly take off Friday and Saturday and keep my lips buttoned. My husband thinks I overtrain (which I don't) and I knew he would put up some fierce opposition to my twenty miler on Sunday. However, I could share my pain with Leann. So, she tucked some advil into her coat pocket for our twenty miler on Sunday. That's what friends are for.

Sunday was a beautiful day to be out and running, a stark contrast to the flood that the Boston area is currently experiencing. Our L St runners were in full force, and we boarded the buses out to Natick. Dropping us off at the Armory, we set out on foot heading back to Southie. Ouch ouch and more ouch. At the first water stop, Leann told me to take the advil. I realized then that the only way I was making it back to Southie was by foot and I needed to just bite my lip and plow through it. For some reason, despite the pain, the run was awesome. I still have no clue, as it really did hurt.

Miss Smug that I am, I was psyched that I could run so far with the pain. I am paying severely for it now. Running just 6 on the treadmill at 7.3 today, tears flowed from my eyes because of the pain. I am now going to have to secretly take a few days off again. I have jinxed myself completely. I have said on numerous times that I just don't have the fire for the Boston torch this year, and now this nagging back is causing that flame to ignite.

Please pray to the heavens that it will get better. I promise that I will never say again that I am not excited to run Boston!

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