Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gearing Up….


This week has been a super running week.  I have been able to sneak in 28 miles along with my Spin classes and yoga.  I hit my speed workouts on the treadmill, I have run outside is some great weather for early March, and I visited this guy.


Most importantly, I feel fresh.  I just returned from  quick 2 mile jaunt with my yellow dog, and I wanted more.  I felt like I a bit cheated that we could not go further.  It is so beautiful in the Boston area today.  I would have ridden my bike, but I want to be very careful to set myself up for success tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an important dress rehearsal, my first 22 miler in this year’s training cycle.  I needed to take it easy today in preparation for this.  So, short run, dinner with lots of carbs tonight and a good night sleep.  I want tomorrow to be great, not good.  Only preparation will lead me to that.



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