Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching Up


Wow,  I have lots of catching up to do with the blog.  After I ran the Newton Hills almost two weeks ago, I then revisited the course on  that next Sunday.  Our club, L Sthttp://lstreet.org, ran from the start line in Hopkinton to B.C., my alma mater two times over, for a total of 22 miles. 

View from the startline


It was awesome.  My friend Jeff joined me, and we had both raced the Hyannis Half the weekend before.  Jeff killed it- he ran 1:37!  Thus, both of us were content to take it easy.  It was absolutely beautiful weather.  We have had a cold winter, and it was a day meant for running with beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the 50s.  Our pace ended up being about 8:30s, which was perfect and felt great.



Here is Rich, Jeff and I somewhere in Natick.  Just an awesome day to run- can’t you tell by our outfits!  Well, my outfit says I think I am badass.  Really, what is going on with me there???

The next week I took a little easier running, and only ran about 37 miles, a step down from my 50+ of the week before.  It ended with an about 14 miler with Leann that we squeezed in before the torrential downpours that plagued Mass this weekend.

Here was the problem with us running together- we were the running wounded.  Leann has been struggling with sciatica, and it was really bothering her.  Then, at about mile 5, I took a digger.  One that caused Leann to turn around and say “Dear God!”  One that caused me to hurt my hip, scrape both hands, one elbow and a knee that were both covered with clothing.  Yet, we had to keep running.  We were out by ourselves, and there was no L St support to pick us up. I got up in tears and said, “Why do I always fall?”  Am I a klutz?  Is it my MS?  But, my knees are full of scars obtained by falling while running.  I don’t think Runner’s World is going to ask me to pose for their cover anytime soon….

Maybe it wasn’t our best run, but I certainly learned how to persevere during it.  It was a bit colder than we were dressed for, it hurt and it started raining at the end.   I wanted NO PART of being out there.  Unfortunately, marathon training is a metaphor for life in this way sometimes.  We don’t want to push through, but we carry on to the goal, even if it means struggles.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, so it means one thing- green cupcakes!  I also plan on whipping up some Irish cream frosting to go with it.



I also need to start packing as we are heading to Puerto Vallarta on Thursday.  Talk about struggling through a run- I have to figure out how to get in 16 miles while on vacation!

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  1. great entry Adrienne. I always fall too!!! Sucks! Awesome job on all your long runs... and have a great vacay!!!