Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be Safe!

This week's sad story about Chelsea King has made me so sad. A young girl with so much promise has been taken from this world. My heart truly goes out to her family and friends.

Chelsea's story is a reminder of how vigilant that we women runners must be. Yes, many of think that we can fight off attackers. We run and take care of our bodies, and therefore we are strong. I know that I typically roll my eyes at my husband when he warns me to be stay safe as I head out the door alone. The sad outcome of Chelsea reminds me that I am vulnerable and must always be vigilant.

To honor Chelsea and her love of running, I will make an effort to be more careful. I will keep my cellphone with me at all times when I am out alone. I will always wear my reflective rest even when I think I can make it home before dark. I will make sure that my husband knows my route at all times. I will be more aware of my surroundings and not zone out into my music and my breath.

God Bless you Chelsea King. May you rest in peace. Please know that I will honor you with each step.

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  1. great post Adrienne. This is another reason why I don't run alone.