Saturday, February 6, 2010

Application Time

I have been a super lazy blogger the last two weeks. I blame in on my job. I have been reading first year applications non stop for the last few weeks, and after reading so many essays, some which are not great at all, I am drained of reading and writing.

I really do love reading applictions. It is truthfully my favorite part of my profession. There is nothing better than opening a folder and reading about the accomplishments of a person. And, when a student mentions running in the essay, you just know that I get super pumped.... And then sometimes super sad when I look at the transcript afterwards and realize that the student is probably not the best academic fit for us.

Running was going great until this week. I had a little too much fun at Cabaret, our fundraising event for the Hingham Community Center, last Saturday night. I had a tough but beautiful run with L St on Sunday morning ahead of me, so the way I hydrated could have been better. Leann and Rich were rearing to go, and I really tried to hold on to them for dear life. There is nothing more awesome and also intimidating than watching Leann take on a hill. She just destroys them. And, since I am always behind her on a hill, I am always just praying to God that she will not get too far ahead of me.

Of course, there were lots of hills on Sundays course, which was not good for a gal with dehrydation and stomach issues. But, I hung on, and didn't end up finishing too far behind them. Then I promptly came home and slept for three hours after inhaling pancakes.

This week, it was just so busy with life and work. I only managed to squeak in 22 miles since Sunday, which for someone training for a marathon, it is not a lot. Oh well, at least the quality of my runs were decent. I smoked my run on Thursday, and I felt pretty good about it. Our Athletic Director at the school I work at even said to me from the next treadmill after I finished, "You were flying." Yes, I take joy out of being able to run faster on a treadmill than a middle aged man.

But back to the applications.... I read in an essay this week that running is an unrequited love at times. Wow, it really is. But, it doesn't have to be. We can make the relationship work for both parties. I realized that it is time for me to start putting together my plan for running. I have a race this month, the Hyannis Half, and I need to figure out what my goal is for it. How do I want to apply myself? What do I have in my resume that can get me there? Am I willing to push myself?

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