Friday, January 15, 2010

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

I told Bill tonight that I cannot get the images of Haiti out of my mind. Every time I open up, the visions of the children laying waiting for medical care break my heart into pieces. I see them, and I know that my little donation that I made is not enough. I want to do more.

One thing I can do is embrace my friend Polly's attitude. Polly is a fellow Spin instructor with me and inspirer extraordinaire. There is never a time when I walk away from being with Polly and not feel like she was totally in the moment with me, focused on our conversation and bringing out the best in me. (Even if bringing out the best in me involves a few Coors Light....)

Last week, before disaster in Haiti struck, Polly wrote on the Spin room mirrors, "Adopt an attitude of gratitude." I remember looking at in, and thinking NOTHING but "Oh, that is so Pol to bring zen into the Spin room." Really, she is that uplifting of a person. But, now that devastation in Haiti has struck, and I get so shaken up by the images of the children especially, I realize that lately I have not been adopting that attitude. In fact, I have been completely ungrateful for my life lately. It is terrible.... How many people are actually angry that they have to run the Boston marathon this year?

So, it is two weeks into the New Year, and it is already a time for a change. I am ready to be more positive and adopt that attitude of gratitude.


What I am grateful for

Yellow Dog

My husband


Training for the Marathon (and Vanilla Gingerbread Gu)


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