Thursday, January 28, 2010

Profile of last Sunday's Run

Yes, I am lazy.... I have been reading applications 24/7 and trying to keep up with other things, thus not writing on the blog. Here, however, is a profile of last week's long run.... Holy Hills!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Mantras for 2010

You will notice a big theme for this year- to keep calm. I stressed for all of 2009 about something that it is a bit beyond my control. So, for 2010, it is time to stay calm and get rid of the negative energy and to start focusing on what I can do to achieve it.

Yeah, Boston 2010! Thank goodness Bill made me sign up for it. Please do not let him know that I give him credit for good ideas.

How could I not with this guy?

This is a moment of staying calm.....

And finally

So, no more negative energy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

I told Bill tonight that I cannot get the images of Haiti out of my mind. Every time I open up, the visions of the children laying waiting for medical care break my heart into pieces. I see them, and I know that my little donation that I made is not enough. I want to do more.

One thing I can do is embrace my friend Polly's attitude. Polly is a fellow Spin instructor with me and inspirer extraordinaire. There is never a time when I walk away from being with Polly and not feel like she was totally in the moment with me, focused on our conversation and bringing out the best in me. (Even if bringing out the best in me involves a few Coors Light....)

Last week, before disaster in Haiti struck, Polly wrote on the Spin room mirrors, "Adopt an attitude of gratitude." I remember looking at in, and thinking NOTHING but "Oh, that is so Pol to bring zen into the Spin room." Really, she is that uplifting of a person. But, now that devastation in Haiti has struck, and I get so shaken up by the images of the children especially, I realize that lately I have not been adopting that attitude. In fact, I have been completely ungrateful for my life lately. It is terrible.... How many people are actually angry that they have to run the Boston marathon this year?

So, it is two weeks into the New Year, and it is already a time for a change. I am ready to be more positive and adopt that attitude of gratitude.


What I am grateful for

Yellow Dog

My husband


Training for the Marathon (and Vanilla Gingerbread Gu)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facing the Elements

I have been way too much of a treadmill lover lately. I know that I have professed my love for this piece of equipment on this blog, but I simply can never get enough of it.

However, the reality is, the marathon in April will not be run on the treadmill. It will be run on a course with a hill name Heartbreak. Enough said- I needed to face the roads. I needed to stop being a wimpy New Englander and start being a hearty one. Thus, this morning I headed up to Southie to run with L St Running Club on this cold winter morning, despite my husband trying to persuade me to just stay in the warm bed. He is very good about my running antics, but for some reason the first to persuade me to skip a Sunday morning run with the club.

I headed up to Southie, with a vanilla gingerbread gu in my back pocket and completely bundled up. It was 12 degrees on the trusty Saab's dash and windy heading out of the car. I reminded myself that I wanted to be a hearty New Englander who embraces the cold weather. I walked to the club and we headed out.

Rich was so kind to run with me the entire time. It was a delightful run despite the cold. We ran and chatted, and Rich was great at reeling me in when I wanted to speed up because I was cold. He really is the perfect gentleman when it comes to running. At the end, almost 12 miles in almost 12 degrees- I proved myself as a hearty New Englander.

Here is a profile of our run- ignore the heart rate stuff as it is Rich's= but you will see that we ran some strong hills to prep for April.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spirit of the Marathon

As I start to prepare for Boston, it is fun to watch some inspirational movies. Caitlin from the Healthy Tipping Point noted on her blog that one of my favorite movies, Spirit of the Marathon, is available on Hulu. The whole movie is available! Click here to watch.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Training Thoughts

I had a great two weeks off. I spent lots of time with Cisco and my father and made lots of great food. I reconnected with a long lost love, as last week, I was able to go to yoga THREE times. I was so at peace. I love yoga. And, I love feeling like I got in on the world's greatest secret when I finish up a class with Joanne at Open Doors.

This week brings me back to reality. For the first two days, I spent the majority of my time working with the OACAC board to plan this year's summer conference. Northeastern is going to rock this conference's socks off, and I already miss Bridget, the president-elect of OACAC. She is a wonderful person and terrifically committed to the goals of our organization. Of course, I made us take a picture to capture our two days together.

Today brought me back to real work. I was the on call counselor and the phones were rather busy. But busyness is good!

My colleague James and I did manage to sneak to the gym at lunchtime for a run. We ran on treadmills next to one another, never talking, just focusing on our music and our own run while watching the Babson basketball team practice. Five miles and forty minutes, 9 x 400 at 5K pace- goal accomplished! We both commented on the walk back to Lunder that it seemed almost easier to be on the treadmill having a friend near. We both felt like the time flew by.

Tonight, after I picked up my husband, I headed downstairs to get another three mile run in on the treadmill. After my earlier intervals, my legs were tired. That was the point. Now that I am into marathon training, I need to teach my legs to run effectively when they are tired. Mission two accomplished- 3 miles, 25 minutes.

It got me thinking. That is the whole point of endurance in general. We need to press on even when we are tired, when there is no goal in sight. We just keep pressing on, knowing that we will be stronger for it later.