Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Musings

Christmas in the Ramsey household was excellent. I received lots of nice gifts from my husband, pretty much all of them related to fitness. I am sure that plenty of people think we are crazy with the gifts we get each other, as they are pretty much always centered around exercise. I think that is why we are married- we are just both a bit passionate at time about our fitness.

I received some nutrition.... I love that the little gingerbread man is wearing a race number!

A book that I have been hoping to read.... I would love to run an ultra, but I don't know if I have it in me.... However, I never thought a marathon was in me either!

A gift certificate to yoga at Open Doors....

Some triathlon shorts that are awesome that I am not sure if I will keep.... I have a pair already. These ones are way cooler and way more comfortable, but I need to decide soon if I need two pairs.

An unpictured pair of goggles that I am going to return, and my favorite gift of all.... I am such a dork!

I am super psyched for this pump because I can never ride my bike as my tires are constantly flat. My friend James told me to get a stand up pump as my little one leaves me too impatient!

Clearly my husband has triathlon on his brain. Too bad that I stink at swimming and don't really love it. I have all the gear necessary to rock this sport now.

I also received lots of gifts from my parents. They are very generous.

Some were funny. My mother is not into fitness at all, so I am not really sure if she gets me sometimes. But, she always does her best to get gifts that suit my interests. In my stocking, (yes I am 31 and getting one), Santa gave me this magazine....

I think Santa wants me to quit running and get into body building. Is it a hint?

But, the greatest gift I received was a digital camera. Yes, I blog, tweet and have facebook, but I have no digital camera. Now, I can move into the 21st century. Thanks Mom and Dad!

A great day, and Bill and I both managed to get in some quality treadmill miles before the feasting commenced. I am going to be running a lot more this winter than I anticipated, so there will be more to come on my training for the next few months.

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