Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Fitness

After dropping my husband Bill off at the train today, Cisco and I drove up to Quincy to walk with my father. My parents live right at the end of Wollaston Beach. For walking Cisco, it is quite convenient as the whole length of the beach is paved.

My father was never much of a workout guy when we were growing up. Sure, we always played outdoors, and as a Boston firefighter, my father had a pretty active job. But now, in his retirement, my father has a new approach to his health. He is quite focused on fitness, and every day, motorists traveling down Wollaston Beach will see my father out there around 7AM.

My father is a great example that it is never too late to start a fitness routine. We always have the opportunity to make health a priority.

Cisco loves to go for a walk, and he love Jerry Fowkes even more. So, today was a real treat for my little golden.

Cisco and I just got back from our 3.5 mile walk with my father. The walk did the trick with my little friend, as he is now completely content to rest on the couch.

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