Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Training to Start Marathon Training

As you know from my last post, I signed up for Boston. Bill basically forced me to do it, but that is why we are married. He usually can forecast what makes me happy and what drives me to misery.

The only problem now is that I have to get back into marathon running shape. I have kept up my running since the marathon, but I definitely know that I have lost some fitness. It has been seven months since I was on a training plan. I love a training plan. I love looking at the goal at the end mainly, but I also love being able to track my progress and cross off the boxes as I go along. It brings some sort of logic to this crazy thing that we call marathon training.

So, the goal for the next six weeks before Boston training starts is to get some strength and find my speed that I lost. Here is how I plan to accomplish it.

(1) Return to my beloved treadmill. I have been ignoring her in favor of running outside in this beautiful weather we have been having lately.

(2) Jillian Michaels- In other words, I have started the 30 day shred. I have made it two days and am already sick of it. I like her workouts- they are efficient and quick. However, I don't know when I will ever stop hating weights. My friend Katie, the physical therapist, reminds me often of why I need to start lifting them. But, it just does not get my heart rate up or destress me in the way running does. End of story!

(3) Return to the races: I have signed up for two races, the Hingham Turkey Trot and the Hyannis Half. I missed the Turkey Trot last year as I had trouble getting out of bed. This year, I am limiting myself the night before. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is always fun, but I don't want to miss the race this year. My running class is HOPEFULLY going to have a mini-reunion at it. If only Lydia comes, it will be a success. (She recently became engaged and I have yet to see her ring. Even though she lives down the street.... as such is the state of my life.)

I also signed both Leann and myself up for the Hyannis Half Marathon. My plan is to try to follow her- she is much faster than me so we will see how this plan goes. It is always freezing cold on this day, but it is a great race filled with friendly runners. I heart it very much. More importantly, at my birthday celebration this past weekend, I managed to convince Leann, Joanna, Courtney M, Courtney L and Liz that they all should run it. So far, three of us and one other girl are signed up. I plan more martinis and wireless access to get the others signed up.

That is the plan. Coincidently, this coincides with a mid December ladies trip to St. Thomas. Funny how the 30 Day Shred is planned right before that.....

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