Saturday, September 5, 2009

Return to the Blog....

Well, it has been about six weeks since I last blogged. I have to admit that it is soley due to a lack of motivation, writing and running wise. I do not have my begineer running group to keep me inspired, and I decided not to run a fall marathon. I hate, hate, hate running in the heat, and it is nice not to be fretting how to fit in forty plus miles a week.

I still have been running, but mainly for my own enjoyment. Bill and I ran a few races this summer. We ran our second annual Falmouth Road Race in support of the MS Cure Fund. Despite running terribly in Nantucket the week before, we managed to run it it about 56 minutes. It was super crowded for the first three miles, so I am suprised we picked it up so much at the end. My friend Joanna ran with us the whole time, so we were a happy little group.

My excitement level is building though as the temperatures are dropping. Running in the fall in New England is simply heaven to me. Nothing is better than running in shorts and a long sleeve, while the fallen leaves crisp under one's sneakers. But for now, I am content with the cooler temperatures, and I have jumpstarted my running with a few local races. I am excited to do my usual preprep for marathon training, where I work in the few months before I actually start to get myself back into marathon training shape.

I love little local road races though, and running in them are such a good way to test my fitness. Today, Joanna, her brother PJ, his girlfriend Julie and I ran in the Nantasket Seaside 4 Miler. It is a small race with only a bit over 300 runners, but it was full of crowd support. Joanna and PJ's family turned out to support us, and her dad Paul is one of my favorite people ever. So, to see Paul twice during a race was rather awesome! Joanna and I ran together until three miles, when she totally left me in her dust! Go Joanna! The cool part was that she ended up winning her age division, her cousin Sean won his and yours truly ended up winning hers. We all received gift certificates from the Greater Boston Running Company and a rousing ovation from the entire McCann clan.

I have not been excited about running lately, but today renewed my enthusiasm for the sport. Running with friends is a blessing and a blast, and having the ability to run is an even greater gift.

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