Friday, September 25, 2009


I have a confession to make. It might be quite shocking. But the truth is, I love the treadmill.

My friend Walter calls it the "dreadmill". The Fitnessista refers to it as the revolving apparatus of death. However, as much as I do love being outside, as much as I love discovering new places by foot, I do love the treadmill as well.

Consider the treadmill to be the most honest friend that you have. No matter how hard the truth is sometimes, the treadmill will make you face it. You cannot underestimate how much you run or how fast you are going. It is there in front of you, and there is no fudging it.

But, your honest friend also reminds you of your good qualities when you are down. As you know from the blog, I am down in the dumps about my lack of running goal lately. I tend to be a slacker when I don't have a goal. This week, I have had two awesome treadmill runs at 7.8 for 5 miles. I remember when I could not do 6.0 for 1 mile; seeing that is like the treadmill giving me a high 5.

I know I am crazy, but really, I do love that mill.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! I'lllook forward to reading more of your blog! I don't mind the treadmill times. I LOVE running outside in the Fall in NE as well though..BEST time of year. But I hear ya on the mill thing.