Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Race Day Tips

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________________Race Day Tips______

Day before the Race
 Rest, at most walk to stretch the legs
 Hydrate well throughout the day
 Go to bed early
 Set out all your clothes & gear
 Eat a high carb meals, do not try anything new
 Pack bag with dry clothes for after the race
 Visualize the event and you doing well, smiling!
 Do not berate yourself.
 Remind self over and over it is ok to walk
 Accept nervousness, this is a natural part of racing
 Make sure you know your location, parking should be figured out
 Find out how many water stops

Day of the Race
 Set alarm to wake up with plenty of time, no rushing
 Eat breakfast 2 hours prior to start, nothing new (for our purposes, eat whatever you have had before Saturday runs. If it has been nothing, don't change that now!)
 Hydrate well, @ 16oz. 1 hr. prior to start, not all at once, taper
 Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start
 Do not try anything new this day!
 Warm-up should consist of 5-10 minutes of walking
Make sure to stand in line for the bathrooms early, even if you do not have to go
 Line up at the correct place
 Do not go out too fast
 Positive mindset always!
 Enjoy the exhilaration & rewards

During the Race
 Make sure to stop at all water stops
 Grab the water and walk past the tables, get over to the side to drink so you are
out of the way
 To adequately get fluid in you need to stop and walk and drink, pinch the top of
the cup
 If you need to walk at any point, move over the side to walk, do not stop abruptly
 Keep moving when cross the finish line
 You WILL get cut off. Deal with it. This is common in big races.
 Do not hotdog it to the finish line. If you have that much left you did not run a
smart race. Finish strong and relaxed.

After the Race
 Make sure to walk around, do not stop until your heart rate has returned to
 Remember to have your chip cut off your shoelaces
 Refuel with water, Gatorade, and good sources of carbs & protein
 Once feeling good, sit down for a good, relaxed stretch before you head home
 Take the next day off from running, cross training (swim, bike) would be ok.

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