Wednesday, July 22, 2009

M.I.A. in so many ways

I was reading through all the blogs that I link to off of mine and came to the realization that I have not posted in over a week! Oh goodness..... I am certainly M.I.A.

Well, two weekends ago, I headed out to Nantucket for the first ever Nantucket triathlon. My race was soso and does not even deserve a race report; let's just say that after biking 18 with Courtney the day before and running 5 with Leann was not the best way to rest my legs. However, my crazy plan fits with my summer goal to simply enjoy my workouts and not place too much stress on having a goal for each one. And, it was a pretty warm day as the race did not start until 12PM. My friend Katie was with me, and if I complained of having more MS numbness because of the heat, she would have literally had my head.

The event itself was phenomenal. It was well organized and the perfect excuse to escape to the island. Also, it was a great place for spectators as they could lounge at the beach all day. Before I headed up to the transition area, Katie, Lori and Nancy settled in for the day at the beach where it took place, and I simply walked back over to them once it was done. Having fun= mission accomplished!

Upon return from Nantucket, I had a few days to get organized before I headed for California for a work conference. I ran here and there, and was so happy to not be swimming in the pool. Cali was great, but even better was reuniting with Bill at the airport as he had been in Wisconsin for two weeks. And, seeing Cisco when we got home was super as well.

However, now that I am back, many other things are MIA as well. My goal of having fun with workouts has pushed my motivation into hiding. I am a very goal centered exerciser, so pushing myself when I would rather eat lunch with my colleagues has become a bit of a stretch. A plan for the fall is MIA as well- I usually pick some sort of event, and I cannot seem to come up with one as I am debating running a marathon.....

For now, I guess I will just settle in on Falmouth Road Race..... That is our fun race for the summer to benefit the MS Cure Fund, but at least I have motivation here to finish it!

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