Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up

As many of you know from earlier blogposts, my friend Leann is my best running buddy. She is my go to girl for miles and motivation, and I clearly place the success of my last marathon on her shoulders.

Leann and I have not been able to see each other much since we stopped marathon training in April. Our lives have readjusted a bit and are more focused on things other than running. We had the guilty pleasure of being able to tell people all winter "Sorry, I cannot do it, I have to run," and now we would feel guilty leaning on that crutch.

I do not work on Fridays, so I called Leann yesterday to see if she wanted to run this morning. (I needed someone to get me out the door to run early!) I received a "Yes!" text message back, and at 5:10 this morning, I hopped in the car and headed up to Milton to meet her.

Why would I ever get up this early to run in another town on a day off from work? Leann of course! Our friendship is based around running, but through all this time spent together, we have discussed issues that I am more afraid to share with other friends. We have solved the problems of our lives through the miles, because when you are running, you have no other choice as you face the miles in front of you. And, sometimes, the world around you seems a lot easier when you consider you have covered 15 miles on a wintery morning.

Today, we just caught up, reconnected and also got the benefit of the almost five miles. Mornings like these with Leann are exactly why I run.


Nantucket triathlon tomorrow- I will post my race recap on Monday. I am not expecting a great race, but I know it will be a super girls weekend on the island.

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