Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Present

Last night, we had a mini-reunion of the running group. Lydia and Cherie met me at the Rec at 6:30 and we headed out for a quick run. We recapped a bit of the 4th of July race and told the stories of how we met our significant others among other things. We looped past the high school and back on to Main Street. It was a lovely evening stroll through Hingham. All in all an easy three miles full of good company.

When we finished, we all commented that we were glad that we met up as we may have never headed out for a run otherwise. It made me think. We often focus on being perfect in our workouts. We want to run faster and farther, hold that headstand in yoga longer, or lift a heavier weight. But, it doing this, we miss the bigger picture about exercise and fitness. Instead, it is about being present. Every workout does not have to be perfect. But, we need to focus on being in the moment when we exercise, not letting other responsibilities and pressures interfere with us taking time for our fitness.

On those days when you think that the workout isn't worth the effort, remember that it will be regardless of how challenging it is. Exercise is always good for both our physical and spiritual well being.


Random aside- I played "Modern Love" by David Bowie at Spin this morning. I love that song! And, I don't know why.....

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