Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Runner's World Quote of the Day

Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about.

PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

M.I.A. in so many ways

I was reading through all the blogs that I link to off of mine and came to the realization that I have not posted in over a week! Oh goodness..... I am certainly M.I.A.

Well, two weekends ago, I headed out to Nantucket for the first ever Nantucket triathlon. My race was soso and does not even deserve a race report; let's just say that after biking 18 with Courtney the day before and running 5 with Leann was not the best way to rest my legs. However, my crazy plan fits with my summer goal to simply enjoy my workouts and not place too much stress on having a goal for each one. And, it was a pretty warm day as the race did not start until 12PM. My friend Katie was with me, and if I complained of having more MS numbness because of the heat, she would have literally had my head.

The event itself was phenomenal. It was well organized and the perfect excuse to escape to the island. Also, it was a great place for spectators as they could lounge at the beach all day. Before I headed up to the transition area, Katie, Lori and Nancy settled in for the day at the beach where it took place, and I simply walked back over to them once it was done. Having fun= mission accomplished!

Upon return from Nantucket, I had a few days to get organized before I headed for California for a work conference. I ran here and there, and was so happy to not be swimming in the pool. Cali was great, but even better was reuniting with Bill at the airport as he had been in Wisconsin for two weeks. And, seeing Cisco when we got home was super as well.

However, now that I am back, many other things are MIA as well. My goal of having fun with workouts has pushed my motivation into hiding. I am a very goal centered exerciser, so pushing myself when I would rather eat lunch with my colleagues has become a bit of a stretch. A plan for the fall is MIA as well- I usually pick some sort of event, and I cannot seem to come up with one as I am debating running a marathon.....

For now, I guess I will just settle in on Falmouth Road Race..... That is our fun race for the summer to benefit the MS Cure Fund, but at least I have motivation here to finish it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up

As many of you know from earlier blogposts, my friend Leann is my best running buddy. She is my go to girl for miles and motivation, and I clearly place the success of my last marathon on her shoulders.

Leann and I have not been able to see each other much since we stopped marathon training in April. Our lives have readjusted a bit and are more focused on things other than running. We had the guilty pleasure of being able to tell people all winter "Sorry, I cannot do it, I have to run," and now we would feel guilty leaning on that crutch.

I do not work on Fridays, so I called Leann yesterday to see if she wanted to run this morning. (I needed someone to get me out the door to run early!) I received a "Yes!" text message back, and at 5:10 this morning, I hopped in the car and headed up to Milton to meet her.

Why would I ever get up this early to run in another town on a day off from work? Leann of course! Our friendship is based around running, but through all this time spent together, we have discussed issues that I am more afraid to share with other friends. We have solved the problems of our lives through the miles, because when you are running, you have no other choice as you face the miles in front of you. And, sometimes, the world around you seems a lot easier when you consider you have covered 15 miles on a wintery morning.

Today, we just caught up, reconnected and also got the benefit of the almost five miles. Mornings like these with Leann are exactly why I run.


Nantucket triathlon tomorrow- I will post my race recap on Monday. I am not expecting a great race, but I know it will be a super girls weekend on the island.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Present

Last night, we had a mini-reunion of the running group. Lydia and Cherie met me at the Rec at 6:30 and we headed out for a quick run. We recapped a bit of the 4th of July race and told the stories of how we met our significant others among other things. We looped past the high school and back on to Main Street. It was a lovely evening stroll through Hingham. All in all an easy three miles full of good company.

When we finished, we all commented that we were glad that we met up as we may have never headed out for a run otherwise. It made me think. We often focus on being perfect in our workouts. We want to run faster and farther, hold that headstand in yoga longer, or lift a heavier weight. But, it doing this, we miss the bigger picture about exercise and fitness. Instead, it is about being present. Every workout does not have to be perfect. But, we need to focus on being in the moment when we exercise, not letting other responsibilities and pressures interfere with us taking time for our fitness.

On those days when you think that the workout isn't worth the effort, remember that it will be regardless of how challenging it is. Exercise is always good for both our physical and spiritual well being.


Random aside- I played "Modern Love" by David Bowie at Spin this morning. I love that song! And, I don't know why.....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Finish Line

Running has gone beyond fitness. The jogging movement, which began as a pursuit of health, has become an experiential quest.

George Sheehan

After ten weeks, we made it to the finish line. I hope you enjoyed the journey. I know that I sure did.

If you remember from my initial email, I wanted to teach this class to share my love of running with others. I also wanted those who thought that they could not run to realize that it was possible with a little work.

Those were my goals when I began with you in April. What were your own goals for the class? Did you accomplish them?

Now that the event is over, think again as to what you wish to accomplish. It may be to continue running. It may be a switch to a healthier lifestyle. Whatever it may be, continue to evolve. This is the mark of our humanity, our continuous journey of self definition. Embrace it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goal Setting

"The Tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach." Benjamin Mays

Last night, our running group enjoyed a leisurely run through downtown Hingham. Although we have been experiencing the WORST weather in June's history, the weather gods must have granted our wish for a dry run. How amazing was that after the treacherous storms of the day?

We journeyed out and about, jogging, running and sprinting up hills with a few walks breaks, completing almost 3.5 miles according to Debbie's transponder. Oops- my mapmyrun skills lagged again! But, it was great. Our last run gave us a chance to reflect on our path from April 28th. We have run more than the distance required of us on Saturday, and we know before we even toe the line that we will finish.

Before we started our group, we shared a common goal- to finish the July 4th road race. And, we will? But, what other goals did you have? What other goals have now sprung from knowing that your accomplishment of this one is so near? (Lydia, we will find you a 10K!)

There is a saying that goals need to be SMART


And, by following this philosophy, our goal for Saturday almost seems so small now. We have a set goal, a way to measure its success, a plan to get there, one that was realistic and one that had an end date. Such a good way to think about ANYTTHING we want to accomplish in life, whether it be an athletic endeavor or a personal wish.

I will see you Saturday. For now, drink lots of water over the next two days, getting plenty of rest, and run only between one and two miles. Your goal is near.

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." (Hebrews 12:1)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Race Day Tips

Credit to

________________Race Day Tips______

Day before the Race
 Rest, at most walk to stretch the legs
 Hydrate well throughout the day
 Go to bed early
 Set out all your clothes & gear
 Eat a high carb meals, do not try anything new
 Pack bag with dry clothes for after the race
 Visualize the event and you doing well, smiling!
 Do not berate yourself.
 Remind self over and over it is ok to walk
 Accept nervousness, this is a natural part of racing
 Make sure you know your location, parking should be figured out
 Find out how many water stops

Day of the Race
 Set alarm to wake up with plenty of time, no rushing
 Eat breakfast 2 hours prior to start, nothing new (for our purposes, eat whatever you have had before Saturday runs. If it has been nothing, don't change that now!)
 Hydrate well, @ 16oz. 1 hr. prior to start, not all at once, taper
 Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start
 Do not try anything new this day!
 Warm-up should consist of 5-10 minutes of walking
Make sure to stand in line for the bathrooms early, even if you do not have to go
 Line up at the correct place
 Do not go out too fast
 Positive mindset always!
 Enjoy the exhilaration & rewards

During the Race
 Make sure to stop at all water stops
 Grab the water and walk past the tables, get over to the side to drink so you are
out of the way
 To adequately get fluid in you need to stop and walk and drink, pinch the top of
the cup
 If you need to walk at any point, move over the side to walk, do not stop abruptly
 Keep moving when cross the finish line
 You WILL get cut off. Deal with it. This is common in big races.
 Do not hotdog it to the finish line. If you have that much left you did not run a
smart race. Finish strong and relaxed.

After the Race
 Make sure to walk around, do not stop until your heart rate has returned to
 Remember to have your chip cut off your shoelaces
 Refuel with water, Gatorade, and good sources of carbs & protein
 Once feeling good, sit down for a good, relaxed stretch before you head home
 Take the next day off from running, cross training (swim, bike) would be ok.

Last Training Run

Wow- we've made it! Seriously, I am getting teary eyed here at work thinking about it.... Hopefully my boss won't walk in and realize that I am posting on the wrong blog! What a great experience this has been for ALL of us!

Tonight workout- leisurely running.... we will JOG and then I will have us throw in a few pickups to get the fast twitch muscles activated! Also, we are running the last mile of the race backwards. I want you to remember how many times you have run up the hill well when you are scrambling for the energy to run down it on Saturday.