Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of My Comfort Zone

As I told many of you tonight, I am headed to space camp tomorrow. My mother won a sweepstakes- who does?- so we are headed to Cape Canaveral tomorrow at 7AM. On Saturday, we will be on the zero gravity flight. I am in a rush, but I promise that my mother and her sweepstakes are a whole separate blog post.

I am COMPLETELY nervous about this ride. I have walked through the markets of San Salvador looking very American by myself, but for some reason, the whole space thing freaks me out. It is completely outside of my comfort zone. I cannot explain it, and I know it a once in a lifetime opportunity, but for some reason, it is completely disconcerting for me!

I am not sure why- I don't know if it is that I am such a person of strategy, and I like to know what the backup plan is before it is needed, and that the whole concept of outer space and not knowing does not fall into it. Regardless, I am sure I will have much to say when I get back. Enough freaking me out!


Homework- Run four miles, running and walking. Don't worry about time. Just enjoy it.

Workout for Saturday.....

3 minute run
30 second walk

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