Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Less than a Month to Go

Goodness gracious- where has time gone!

The race is getting closer and closer. We have a big two training weeks, and then we will start to taper down.

Tomorrow night, we will be on our feet for 50 minutes total. If you need to do your homework today, please only go out for 25-30 minutes. Keep it short!

And, to save the date, on Saturday June 27th, we will run from my house to the middle school. Then, we will go over some race hints on my porch while we drink coffee and eat breakfast. You will need to be at my house at 7:45 that day, and I imagine that you will leave after coffee around 9:30/9:45 or so. I just want to throw it out there so we can plan it out.

Tomorrow we will head to the harbor.... See you at 7!

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