Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls Night Out

As you know, I am a big fan of the local road race. Big races have their magic and pizzazz, but give me that start line where the seven year old is lined up to THAT guy who will win the race anyday.

I am lucky to have a nice group of women who share their passion about running. We may have never connected without running, but we have created strong bonds over sweat and early morning runs. One of those special ladies, my best running buddy, is Leann. She is a phenom, whose ability to run up hills should be photographed for the Museum of Fine Arts, it is just so beautiful to watch.

Leann lives in Milton, and every year, the Milton Junior Women's Club hosts a Tuesday evening race. Last year, it fell on Leann's birthday, so we had a little group to run the race. It was literally 100 degrees last year when the gun went off at 6:30. I only did the 5K last year, because I was too wimpy with the heat and my MS.

Since we live in New England, of course the weather was completely different a year later. It was 53 degrees with misty rain last night. However, the weather may have helped us, as we had a slightly bigger group for what we now call Leann's birthday run, and not the Milton race.

Before the race, we did typical female things, emailing each other wondering what each other was going to wear. (Isn't it amazing that we do this as females whether it involves a night on the town or a race =)?) We decided on long shirts and shorts, and met each other at the race. We ran into some of our L St friends, including two of my other female running buddies, Maureen and Michelle. More chit chat about nothing and then we lined up for the race.

OMG- I should have stuck to the 5K. The 10K is WAY hillier than the 5K and my legs were toast from my morning Spin class and my afternoon swim. (Side note- who does that? I am not a professional athlete. I do not know why I thought I could be all bad aXX.) So, I trudged on just trying to keep Leann's orange shorts in my sight. I was successful until about mile 4, but it just wasn't my night. I finished the race with much help from my friend Susan, who came up behind me with about a half mile and told me to pick it up and follow her to the finish line. Yes, she beat me by a few seconds and she is old enough to be my mother. I hope I have 10% of her energy when I am her age. But, I finished, and sometimes, that is all that matters, having the energy to finish strong when the energy to run is just not there.

We went back to Leann's afterwards for a birthday celebration, and more female talk ensued. In fact, the men in our group went outside because they were bored by it. I told Leann that I tried REALLY hard to keep her shorts in sight, and she mentioned that she just tried to keep Maureen in sight. Joanna piped in that she just kept my pink shorts in sight!

Isn't it funny? We all were encouraging each other without even knowing it. We may always not perform deliberate actions to support a friend, but sometimes the unintentional act offers as much.

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