Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bachelorette

Well, my single life ends tomorrow. I am excited for my husband to return from West Point, but the bachelorette life has not been all that bad. (Granted, I saw him over the weekend, so it is not like I have had to go too long without him.)

Dinner has been all about me- I have had veggies,brown rice and tofu stirfry, spinach salads, veggies burgers, soy milk, and all those earthy crunchy foods that would never enter his mouth. I have been able to go to yoga a bit more, and I am now Cisco the dog's best friend. I have read so many books, something I normally don't have time for....

But then I remember that it's nice to share a meal with him, and I miss our morning rituals. And, taking care of Cisco alone is a lot harder than when it is a team effort. I think, well, it is probably okay if I keep the soy milk in the fridge next the the real stuff. After all, marriage is about compromise, right?

I have had a good week, connecting with friends and with myself. My other half coming back will turn it into a great one though.


On another note, AWESOME run the other night ladies. Everyone did at least 4 miles, and we kicked its butt. I was so proud of our little tribe kicking Otis Hill's butt. We looked even stronger heading up the Main St hill.

You are all such an inspiration, seriously. It took me much longer to become a runner, and you all will get there in ten weeks. Wow!

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