Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is Next?

I have not been running with that much purpose lately. I get out there, run some, but it is so different from my runs of only a month ago. During marathon training, I was counting miles, running repeats and spending Sunday mornings with my band of runners. Since the marathon a month ago, there has been a total switch in my focus, with my struggles shifting to trying to withstand a few laps in the pool. (Which, I ended up not being able to get any workouts in this week- slacking!) As bad I want to be an triathlete, I just cannot get myself to find the joy in swimming. I love the water; it is just so much better when there are waves to catch and fish to observe.

Tonight was one of those perfect almost summer evenings. I came home from work, ate a little cake because I was hungry, walked Cisco and then changed into my running clothes. I headed out with literally no purpose except to escape the housework that awaited me at home. (Newsflash- I am cleaning because my husband’s bachelor friend is coming for the weekend. I obviously have much more wrong with me than my inability to love swimming.) I had no plan; I just put my ipod on and went. It was pure zen as there is nothing like pretty little Hingham on nice evening before mosquito season starts. I started thinking about what I would do next; what was my next running goal? I don’t think there is a marathon in my near future, and I really do not think I am going to get any speedier. I am running a few local races in the next couple of weeks, but with Boston under my belt, I have no qualms about arriving at the finish line.

Do we need a purpose to our running? Do we need an end goal? Or, is it about making the commitment to do something for yourself?


Class recap- AWESOME job last night! 47 minutes on a track of walk/run. Talk about boring. But, you did it! Great training of time on feet.
Homework: Walk/Run as you feel like for 35 minutes

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