Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Here is the preview for Wednesday runners! We will be using the gravel track that is in the back of Town Hall. Our plan is as follows:

Minutes 1-5: Walk
5-6: Run
6-7: Walk
7-8: Run
8-9: Walk
9-10: Run
10-11: Walk
11-12: Run
13-14: Walk
14-15: Run
15-17: Walk/Grab water
17-19: Run
19-20: Walk
20-22: Run
22-23: Walk
23-25: Run
25-26: Walk
26-28: Run
28-29: Walk
29-31: Run

As you can see, we will be upping our running in this workout. Our first 5 intervals will only be for one minute, and then our next five will be for 2 minutes.

It is important that you go at your own pace! For this reason alone, we will be using the gravel track in the back. Meet back there for class. Please feel free to bring your I Pods, your watches, your cheering section, etc. I will not lie to you- running the track will be boring sometimes. Track workouts give us a sense of making a deposit at the bank- we know that these give great return on our investment. Moreover,my goal is for everyone to find their own pace and to not worry about competing with one another. The track will provide us with that environment. We will all be running "together" and getting some group love, but our bodies will all be able to find our own pace.

Little funny story- I actually do not know how long the track is..... Detective Galvin, who I hope that none of you have had any encounters with, is letting me borrow his measuring wheel that he uses at crime scenes. I will know tomorrow and let you know.

I was thinking of you all yesterday when I was swimming. I am not a great swimmer; in fact, I admittedly struggle with swimming. My ego hurts when I think about my lack of aptitude here; I can run marathons but one lap in the pool makes me cringe. I have trouble pacing myself, breathing, you name it. There would be no mistaking me for Michael Phelps' sister in the pool.

However, I am going to stick with it. I am going to keep doing my little swim drills and putting my time into the water. I cannot tell my mother that I don't feel well and do not want to go today, but I can tell myself that only hard work in this sport will give me the confidence to not be so fearful of the freestyle.

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