Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Strolls

I was bad today- I bagged the plan to get up early and head up to L Street. My friend Katie had invited me to her house last night for dinner, and then of course, some Celtics game watching was on the list! By the time I got home, I decided that sleeping in to put some ZZZs in the bank for the week was in order.

Of course, sleeping in for me is 7:30. So, that meant that Cisco and I were out for his run at about 8:00. We did our usual 2.8 mile loop, and even visited Carol's spin class before they got started at 8:30. Cisco loves his grandma Carol!

Leann, my bestest running friend, came over a little bit later. She was with me at Katie's, so we vowed to just chat and not push it. (Leann also ran a 3:31 at Boston; I am lucky that she runs with me!) Before we knew it, we were back at my house and more chatting and waffles were in order. There is nothing like two friends catching up over a run and waffles.

My gears are definitely switching with the changing of the seasons. During Boston training, I was so focused on getting quality runs in on Sunday morning and getting in the mileage neccessary to train for a marathon. Now, I am focusing on reconnecting with myself, spending time with my friends and strengthening my relationship with running by sharing my passion for it with others.

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