Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our First Four Miler

Are you ready? We have been flirting with going the distance, but tonight is the night!

Walk for 5 minutes
3 minute run
1 minute walk
Repeat until done!

I am super busy at work- presenting at a conference on Friday and working to get transfer deposits in and settled. So, I don't have much time to be reflective or inspiring. However, I was reading an interview on Runner's World and this caught my eye as applicable to us as we train for the race.

As backrgound, Rick Ball is a single leg amputee who just set the world record in single leg amputee 10K. "

"My coach told me running is a very honest sport -- if you miss your training runs, then the truth will come out on race day. It is OK to have a big goal, but you need to set smaller goals in order to reach that."

Enough said! Promises for a more orginal blog after Friday!

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