Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today, I woke up to rainy skies and chill in the air. New England weather does funny things and by afternoon, it was sunny and sixty. Clearly, someone wanted us to have no excuses for our run tonight.

My trusty friend Detective Galvin lent me the wheel so that I could run around the track and see how long it is. Mike Perraino handed it to me at the police station and I headed out back to complete my measurements. I really wanted to be accurate for you all.

Past the baseball players and around the soccer players I went.... and it was 1207 feet long.... What did that mean? I completed my run, keeping that number in my head as I journeyed through Hingham. Once at home, I opened up my laptop, found a conversion calculator, and found out that 1207 feet equals .23 mile.

.23? How did the town ever make an imperfect track? (Then I remembered that we are training for a 4.6 mile road race....) I contemplated what to do as I made my way back to the Rec, deciding that it would be my mantra for the evening. You see, we all are imperfect. Yet, we all manage, despite our flaws and inconsistencies, to set goals and achieve them. We work through our imperfections and grow beyond them.

Great job tonight. The track workout allowed us all to settle into our pace and not that of our neighbor. I am sure that bumping the run up to 2 minutes was challenging, but you all achieved it.


Minutes 1-4: Walk
4-6: Run
6-10: Walk
10-12: Run
12-16: Walk
16-18: Run
18-22: Walk
22-24: Run
24-28: Walk
28-30: Run

See you Saturday!

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