Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being Present in the Moment

Like all busy people, I try to manage many things at once. It is a necessity of my life; if I was not able to, my life would be utter chaos. However, the responsibilities and activities that swirl around me cause one of my greatest flaws- my inability to be completely present and focused in a moment. When teaching Spinning in the morning, I am running a mental list of things I need to do at work today. At work, it is sometimes hard to focus solely on one task, rather than continuously thinking about the next meeting or the other project that is in the mix.

This is my constant struggle. As I race to the next event, I am thinking about what comes after. I want to be one of those people who have found zen, one of those people who can be totally focused on the person with whom we are with at a particular moment. I want to work on it, but I am lost on where to start. I do try to focus my attention when I am working with a student or chatting with a friend. But, I have to consciously choose to do so! Frustrating!

I guess that is why I run- because although my mind swirls with too many things, it is a time that thinking about too many things is acceptable. I don’t stress out that I am not completely present in the moment, because running doesn’t have rules and only requires that I show up.


Even though we missed Saturday due to my Miami trip, a small group of us got out for a 42 minute run/walk on Sunday evening. (Kudos to those who showed up without me on Saturday morning and thanks to Tara for organizing!) It was a solid effort of a little over 3 miles, and we ran more than we walked. Nice work to all!

Homework- 30 minutes, running and walking when you feel like it.

Wednesday evening- meet at the track. We will be working out for 45 minutes. Then, we will reward ourselves with our trip to Great Boston Running Center.

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