Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woman's Best Friend

Tonight, I arrived home from work, and a certain little golden retriever awaited me. I was a bit tired; it had been one of those days at work, and I had taught my early morning Spin class. Cisco, my golden, looked at me with his big eyes trying to gauge if I was going to take him for a run or not.

I did not want to; I just wasn't it the mood. But, Cisco motivated me out the door. Running with him is always a joy- seriously. He just loves to be out and moving; he does not have a race to train for and a time to beat.

Good thing that he guilted me out the door- I received two mental boosts. I ran by one of the Running students doing her "homework" (Yeah, someone listens to me!) and literally ran into my old high school friend, her husband and their eleven week old son. If my little friend had not needed his run, I would have missed both! Talk about unexpected little surprises!

Now, he needs to take a nap.

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