Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, this is my first venture into the blog world.... I hope it goes well!

Although I have been a runner and a fitness instructor for a number of years, I have never ventured into the world of blogging. However, I am starting a new class at the Hingham Rec department, Learn to Run 101. Every year in Hingham, the town hosts the annual Fourth of July Road Race. We have a great Recreation Director, Mark Thorell, and he has been a friend for quite some time. Mark is used to my crazy ideas (I teach the Spinning class at 5:45 AM on Tuesday and Thursday.) I approached him with my thought that we should host an affordable class that would train people for the annual race, a walk to run program where students would be empowered to get to the finish line. Mark bought into it and told me to go ahead with it! I am happy to say that with about two weeks to go, I already have enrolled students.

I plan to use this blog to post information and training tips for my students. I will also post the workouts as well and give recaps of each training week.

Read along; you are about to learn of something wonderful- the birth of new runners!

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