Sunday, April 26, 2009

Biker Girls

Today, we were blessed with unusually warm weather. It was in the 80s with not a cloud in the sky. My friend Courtney and I decided this meant one thing- first bike ride of the year.

(Actually, I should back this up. My husband gave me a beautiful new bike for my 30th birthday this past November. Besides my initial test it out ride, I have not ridden it at all. The roads around here are just too bad during the winter; I did not want to put my new baby through that havoc!)

Courtney and I had one of those glorious days. With the marathon just six days ago, we decided that we would just ride for the sake of getting out on the bike. No time goals, no need for long distance, just two friends out tooling around on our bikes looking at the ocean. I might also add that we wore tops that were strategic for sunbathing rather than riding. I think I was hoping she would let me take a swim at some point.

We rode through Hingham and around the harbor, then into Hull down Nantasket Beach. From there, we went up and over Atlantic Ave, past Gunrock Beach and onto my most favorite road to run, bike, gawk, etc, Jerusalem Road in Cohasset. Court and I stopped to chat and grab some water at Sandy Beach, marveling at how many people were at the beach and those kids who were brave enough to be frolicking in the water. Back on the bikes, we headed past Cohasset Harbor and onto Scituate, climbing the hills of Border Street into North Scituate. Court and I rode down the beach roads in Scituate, turning around at Scituate Harbor and then spun past the lighthouse. We circled back to Hingham. I hate out and back type of runs and rides; however, this ride is so full of water views that it is one that I cherish.

And, that ride- about 35 miles in just over two hours. Nice job for an easy effort day!

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